SCIOTO COUNTY, OH (WOWK)—The Scioto County Sheriff’s Office is yet again warning citizens about the ongoing phone call and text message scams in which scammers pretend to be associated with law enforcement.

Sheriff David Thoroughman says that his office keeps being contacted by citizens reporting the scam.

Sometimes, these scammers will leave voicemails. Below is a transcribed example of one of these such messages:

Sample of voicemail scam

In these cases, the caller claims to be from the Sheriff’s Department and tells citizens that in order to avoid having a warrant issued for their arrest, they have to go to Walmart, purchase pre-paid gift cards, and send them the info on the cards.

The Sheriff’s Department also provided some tips on how to avoid a scam:

  1. AUTHORITY: They will pretend to be part of the government, saying they’re from the Social Security Administration, the IRS or Medicare. Sometimes, they will…

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