By Daniel Rich 

Unsolicited telephone calls are a common source of fraud or a scam. The caller will most frequently offer to give you car, home, life insurance, or burial insurance plan quotes. I have researched these and have uniformly found these quotes to be higher than what I am currently paying.

Some callers will tell you that you have won a free or low-cost vacation trip, usually with a choice of dozens of locations. These are outright scams and even more inappropriate now with COVID-19 travel restrictions.

Other callers will tell you that you have won a free medical alert system or a free home security system. What they will not tell you is that there is a monthly service charge.

Getting through this together, Paso Robles

You may receive a call from someone claiming to be from the IRS claiming that you owe taxes and that if you don’t send them an immediate payment using gift cards, they will contact the police. The…

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