GUILFORD, CT — As the department often does, Guilford police share yet another alert about increasingly creative criminal scammers. These latest come in the form of text messages that appear to be from legitimate entities including banks and government agencies.

Don’t fall for them, police say. In its Facebook post below, police note that “scammers are on the prowl and text messages are ‘next level’ with links and alerts that sometimes appear real.”

Police say that the messages look to be from banking institutions, credit card companies, and even government agencies like the Social Security Administration and the IRS, not to mention major companies including Amazon, Apple, iTunes, and Microsoft,.

Police say the messages are “made to look real and tempt you into pressing the link, and possibly entering your information. Even just pressing the link can open up your devices to would-be hackers to gather passwords and login information.”

What to do?

Do not…

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