THE FBI has warned of a disturbing scam with callers pretending to be Border Control claiming your car was found full of drugs.

Scammers are using technology to change their actual phone number and pose as U.S. Customs and Border Protection.


The FBI has warned of scammers posing as Border Patrol

The phone scam that dates back to 2017 falls under “Operation Robocop” or “Operation Hangup.”

According to ABC7, a scammer attempted to trick one of their reporters, calling them from a phone number that looked similar to her work line.

The call stated that U.S. Customs and Border Protection had seized the reporter’s car because it was found packed with drugs and urged her to press 1 to speak to a CBP officer.

The reporter got curious and she did so- the man at the end of the other line claimed to be Customs and Border Protection but when asked where he was calling from his response was “Afghanistan.”

He then asked her ‘Do you know that I’m a terrorist?’…

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