As if job seekers don’t have enough to worry about, now there’s a warning from authorities: be wary of fake employment sites.

The sites are so good, they’re easy to fall victim to. They even reference popular, mainstream internet job boards in their communications. What they’re after, though, is your resume.

“There’s typically a lot of information on a resume and these will lead to additional fraud, like resetting a password on a bank account or getting someone’s W2,” said Sherrod DeGrippo.

She’s the senior director of threat research and detection at Proofpoint. Her analysis team watches for threats and criminal activity around the clock and around the globe.

“They come across during business hours. We see them start in Asia Pacific, then they hit Europe, then they hit the east coast, and around 5 p.m. west coast time, that’s when things shut down.”

DeGrippo and her team watch the scams and they’ve seen it all; everything from dogs to movie…

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