There are always scams around tax season, but this year, cybersecurity experts are seeing a new twist. Thousands of messages and dozens of email campaigns related to the pandemic.

“Trickbot” hit just this past March. It’s trying to steal your bank information. Some of the emails look so authentic, it’s easy to “click.” Which is of course, what the hackers are hoping you’ll do.

“They’re very careful and are quite clever; many of them have entire teams of graphic designers that just work on making those emails look really legitimate so it’s something you have to look closely for and watch out for,” said Sherrod DeGrippo, she is basically a computer detective.

“We’re spread around the world, we watch threat in real times as they happen.”

These days, those threats are about COVID-19 and the stimulus.

“We’ve seen a lot of threats that say, ‘hey, you’ll get a stimulus, we’ll put your taxes through, all you need to do to get your refund is put in your…

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