Tax season leaves some Americans rejoicing in their refunds and other grousing about how much they owe. Whatever the case, paying them – whether in one lump sum or throughout the year – it is a civic duty that, while not very popular, is indeed necessary.

Tax season also brings out the bad actors who wait in the wings to prey on the public in an effort to scam hardworking citizens out of their money.

“Tax scams typically ramp up early in the year when taxpayers start filing their returns to the IRS,” states a CNBC story titled “Tax season is in full swing. So are the tax scams.”

Tax season began Feb. 12.

According to the IRS, scams flare up even more during times of crisis, like the Covid pandemic. In the present case, the delayed filing date of May 17th can make the potential for scammers even greater.

Tax scams mostly involve identity theft – con artists stealing someone’s personal information to file false returns with the…

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