The bad part about having me as a sister-in-law is that one day you’re bound to hear the phrase: “Didn’t you read my column on that one?”

Even so, my brother-in-law is a good sport to let me share his incredible story involving the fast-spreading, phony Amazon fraud alert scam where someone allegedly made a ridiculously high charge on your account.

One thing I want you to know up front: The Amazon scammers are sickeningly good at what they’re doing — and they’re stealing a bunch of money and creating a ton of headaches this year.

And, quite honestly, they’re making good people feel bad when they shouldn’t.

Scammers pretend to be from Amazon at alarming rates

I wrote about the surge in “suspicious activity” scams on June 2, just a few days before my brother-in-law got his call. His story of how the scammers contacted him and sounded so convincing is worth telling, given how big this scam is getting.

We’re looking at Amazon Prime Day…

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