Does it feel like all your mates talk about lately is cryptocurrencies? You’re not alone.

We’ve all heard of Bitcoin, but now a bunch of us have also started investing in digital coins like Ethereum, Ripple and Dogecoin, which is having a bit of a moment this week.

A recent survey by comparison site Finder found that a fifth of the 1000 people they spoke to either own or plan to buy cryptocurrency by the end of the year.

That same survey also revealed millennials are 11 times more likely to invest in the digital currency than baby boomers.

So what’s driving the buzz? And does crypto actually make you money?

A way to earn extra cash

For 23-year-old Megha Kalra, it was about creating a passive income.

After finishing uni last year and landing a full-time job, Megha was looking for a way to bring in some extra cash. She’d been listening to podcasts like ‘my millennial money’ and ‘She’s on the…

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