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The Rise of the Celebrity Beauty Brand
September 9, 2021 via Highsnobiety
Skincare and beauty have been around for decades – centuries, even – with millions of brands making products all over the world. With an industry valued at $511 billion in 2021, more people are starting to see money-making opportunities – especially celebrities. Earlier this week, tennis player Naomi Osaka revealed her new label KINLÒ – a range of sun care products specifically designed for melanated skin.

Stephen Curry and Tom Brady Join Cryptocurrency Exchange FTX
September 8, 2021 via TechStory
Stephen Curry and Tom Brady have teamed up once more, this time to support the cryptocurrency exchange FTX. With the announcement of a long-term relationship on Tuesday, Brady, who can be seen most days on television advertisements with Curry promoting Subway sandwiches, was joined as an “ambassador” by the Golden State Warriors…

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