Today in restaurant and grocery tech news, Target sees grocery sales grow at double the rate of Walmart, while Brinker International slows its virtual brand expansion to focus on the on-premises experience. Plus, Subway’s senior director of digital talks about building a data-informed relationship with online customers.

Subway Rolls With Personal Digitized Loyalty In Delicate Dance With Aggregators

Dan Holm of Subway explains how the restaurant uses digital features and loyalty programs to own the customer relationship rather than ceding it to aggregators.

Drive Up Drives Up Grocery Sales At Target With 2x Growth Over Walmart

Target’s grocery business may be an order of magnitude smaller than its competitor Walmart, but in terms of growth rate, it is the clear winner. Its food and beverage category saw low double-digit growth in the second quarter of 2021, compared to Walmart’s 6 percent increase.

Chili’s, Maggiano’s Parent Company Slows…

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