More than three in four (76%) students say they have been targeted by scams, according to a bank.

Students studying in Exeter Edinburgh and York are particularly likely to have been targeted – with more than four in five in each of those areas having experienced fraud – the research from NatWest found.

It also indicated that students in Glasgow are the least likely to be targeted by scams, although the numbers are still high, with more than three in five having been subjected to fraud.

In general, delivery scams are common, with people receiving bogus texts advising that an attempt was made to deliver a parcel and there would now be an additional charge.

The texts link to fake websites, purporting to belong to services such as Royal Mail or DHL. Personal information is requested, which will then be used to scam people.

NatWest said tax rebate scams are also targeting students.

A large number of students are being targeted by criminals

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