The Brave New World of Crypto

  • The creation of cryptocurrencies made a whole new world, filled with the brightest minds and those with dubious intentions.
  • Cryptocurrency scams have cost the industry billions of dollars and threaten to damage the reputation of the sector.
  • Despite the antics of scammers, artists are leveraging the immense potential of blockchain technology to advance their art.
  • As artists flock to the space, the informational burden becomes enormous and it is interesting to see how the community will react.

12 years ago, Satoshi planted the seeds of cryptocurrencies after mining the Genesis Block in 2009. The seed has grown into a giant oak tree, spawning thousands of other cryptocurrencies, and has resulted in over $1 trillion.

This new ecosystem consists of some of the brightest minds, working hand in hand to improve blockchain technology.

Another cohort is cryptocurrency scammers who are taking advantage of the fact that the…

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