Solidproof plans on introducing an automated auditing feature. The option is going to target every type of crypto project. As a bonus, it improves Solidproof’s performance in auditing smart contracts.

The Modern Way of Auditing

Before investing, users need assurance that their holdings are safe from attackers. Hacks and scams usually occur due to a project’s software error. As a result, investors end up losing their funds during such incidents. 

Solidproof takes part in investigating any errors in a project’s code. In the coming days, the platform hopes to put in place an automated auditing tool. Below is an overview of how the instrument works:

A project owner begins by sending their contracts to Solidproof . The contract can be in a file format or a URL link.

The tool scans for any errors using Solidproof’s analytical solutions.

The tool then automatically designs a PDF report explaining the errors found.

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