Despite previous warnings issued about cryptocurrency scams, investors in Metro Vancouver continue to be bilked by such schemes, and there’s been a recent string of frauds that resulted in thousands of dollars in losses.

The Delta Police Department (DPD) stated that it has received six complaints from residents in recent months (mostly in August) who attempted to invest in cryptocurrencies but wound up losing varying amounts ranging from $5,000 to up to $100,000 in one case.

Several common elements were in each of the reported cases.

In most of the cases, scammers contacted victims through online means, ranging from dating sites to chat apps, and developed a relationship with them.

In two of the cases, would-be investors clicked on an online ad which took them to a legitimate company.

Investors were encouraged to e-transfer funds from their bank accounts to mobile wallets, and then from there to unknown accounts.

In some of the cases, scammers helped the…

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