The Royal Cayman Islands Police (“RCIPS”) Financial Crime Investigation Unit said today that it is aware of a recent increase in scams involving purported cryptocurrency investments, and is providing information on some of these for public awareness.

The most common scams that have been reported include those involving romance/dating websites and direct investment schemes.

Types of Scams:

Romance/Dating websites – Scammers will use these websites to forge relationships and then introduce the victim to an “investment opportunity” in cryptocurrency.

Bogus/Imposter websites – Scammers will create phony websites with numerous fake testimonials and large amounts of crypto jargon. These websites will promise huge, guaranteed returns, as long as you keep investing.

“Celebrity” endorsements – Scammers will pose online as billionaires or other big names, and promise to multiply your investment in a virtual currency, but will instead keep the funds that you…

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