BD-ATS to Issue Blockchain Securities, Crypto Hedge Fund Report Published

By: Teresa Goody Guillén

Blockchain-based trading platform tZERO recently announced an agreement with an energy projects funding platform to digitize approximately $25 million of equity interest in an energy fund that will invest in oil and gas assets throughout the United States. According to a press release, the “digital security” will be “built on the Ethereum Blockchain” and “is expected to become tradeable on the tZERO ATS.” The energy projects funding platform reportedly expects to launch its Regulation D 506(c) offering this month.

A major U.S. bank has reportedly announced plans to offer a cryptocurrency investment platform for its wealthy clients by mid-June. The bank’s investment institute reportedly wrote that “[c]ryptocurrencies have gained stability and viability as assets, but the risks lead us to favor investment exposure only for qualified…

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