The police are investigating nearly 300 people for suspected involvement in a variety of scams.

Victims lost close to $7 million in the 534 cases being probed.

The suspects – 193 men and 101 women aged between 16 and 74 – are believed to be involved in cheating, money laundering or providing payment services without a licence, said the police yesterday.

The scams were linked to Internet love, e-commerce, government-official impersonations, investments, jobs, fake gambling platforms and loans.

The suspects were rounded up after the authorities launched a two-week operation between May 22 and Friday.

The police advised people to “always reject requests by others to use your bank account or mobile lines as you will be held accountable” if these are linked to crimes.

Separately, two men, aged 45 and 63, have been arrested for suspected involvement in a series of cheating cases as well as conspiring to illegally obtain personal information.

Between May…

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