An investment fraudster who scammed people across the country has been ordered to pay £391,680 – and faces four years extra in prison if he fails to pay.

Charanjit Sandhu

Charanjit Sandhu, 31, pleaded guilty to running a number of scams in different parts of the country, conning people out of £1,704,564.

Much of the money obtained through these frauds were spent on his lavish lifestyle. There is evidence of spending on luxury holiday villa rental, watches and jewellery, designer clothing and over £9,000 of dental work.

The CPS through its comprehensive proceeds of crime work, in conjunction with the investigation bodies, particularly Thames Valley Police and City of London Police, secured a Confiscation Order for the defendant to pay back all of his available assets.

The available assets figures were determined by the Judge to be £391,680. Notable known available assets included a rose gold Patek Phillipe watch valued at £72,000, Audemars Piguet…

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