There is a perception that scam artists have redoubled their efforts during the covid pandemic.

Now, more than ever, suspicious-looking texts and emails are arriving in people’s inboxes.

And weird phone calls that end after barely a second are becoming and almost-daily occurrence.

But thanks to thegood people at consumer site Which?, you can stay one step ahead of the con artists and protect your cash.

These are the latest warnings Which? has put out to help consumers stay safe from scammers in the UK.

Phishing emails

People are being targeted with emails from “GOV UK – Alerts’ telling them their “national insurance number has been suspended due to fraudulent activity”.

The messages say recipients have to click a link and enter their personal details to “reactivate” their national insurance numbers. A Which? spokesman said: “Fraudsters appear to be continuing to use the hook of National Insurance numbers as a means to exploit personal information from…

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