A Utah man who lost hundreds of thousands of dollars to a cryptocurrency scam has spoken out about his experience.

Brandon Larsen downloaded what he thought was a legitimate cryptocurrency app associated with a website he uses, CBS affiliate KUTV reported. Larsen later discovered the app was fake, and it had stolen his information.

“Unfortunately it was a lookalike app and I gave access to my digital wallet to a hacker,” he told the broadcaster.

Larsen lost $384,006 to the scammers. He said he does not expect to get his money back as it can be difficult to trace such transactions. He told KUTV: “I’ve shed a lot of tears, I’m not gonna lie.”

His story comes as cryptocurrency, a digital-only form of money, has exploded in popularity over recent months.

Regardless of scammers, experts have previously told Newsweek that investing in cryptocurrency is highly risky due to the volatile nature of the market.

In addition to the inherent risks surrounding…

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