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Dear Which?,

In November 2020, I searched online for an investment to help fund my retirement and gave my details to some of the websites.

A few days later, I received a call and some documents from ‘Axa investments’.

I checked that the phone numbers and addresses in the documents were genuine, and matched the Financial Services Register, before transferring £100,000 to the firm.

However, I couldn’t contact Axa to confirm receipt of the money, so realised that I might have been scammed.

Will I be able to recover the money?


Put to Rights

Mike Naylor, Which? Money Helpline adviser, says: You’ve been the victim of a clone investment scam, where fraudsters imitate firms. The money had gone to a CurrencyFair account used by the fraudster, not Axa.

Your bank, Barclays, was able to recover £25,000, but refused to refund the rest,…

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