Former IT expert Tony Papagiannopoulos never thought he’d be “that guy”.

The scammers had other ideas. 

Tony Papagiannopoulos has always been careful with money

It was drummed into him after moving to Australia from Greece with his mother and little more than a suitcase when he was just 15. 

Mr Papagiannopoulos, now 52, spoke no English when he arrived. He studied hard, eventually mastering his second language and working his way through an IT degree.

He saved scrupulously through his 25-year career in the private and public sectors, self-managing most of the money for retirement

In March this year, he started looking to move $200,000 — a large chunk of his retirement savings — from an investment that wasn’t doing very well.

Tony Papagiannopoulos was looking for a new investment strategy.

“I spoke to a couple of accountants, a couple of different people,” he said.

“They said, ‘You’re going to have to either go to shares if you…

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