Being under siege from scammers is horrible – and I have first-hand experience. Over the past few days, scammers have used every ploy known to man and woman to part me from my cash. 

They have threatened, persuaded, befriended and hurried me. One day, I received 17 missed calls – all from scammers. Nothing but persistent. 

You may think I must have clicked on some shady link online, or suffered a terrible data breach to attract such an horrendous bombardment. But sadly no. 

Convincing: Rachel, right, was led to what appeared to be endorsements from ITV’s This Morning, top, and other media outlets

All I did to unleash this onslaught was what thousands of people do every day. I typed into search engine Google the words ‘best UK investments’ and ‘how to invest’. I then clicked on the top search result for each and entered my contact details for more information. 

Many of us turn to search engines every day for information about how to invest….

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