“My skin is very good. I think it must be a combination of love and Lucozade,” said Adrian Mall, a fictional socially awkward teenager in 1981.

2021 social media-enabled teenagers have filters to fix problematic skin. But undoubtedly they have a bigger problem, sticking to the screen during the long summer vacation, and teens can come across a “finfluencer”. YouTube, Instagram, TikTok.

Darren Collins, a teacher at Sittingbourne School in Kent and a recipient of the 2020 Interactive Investor Personal Finance Teacher of the Year Award, warns: He actually teaches his parents some of what he has learned from my class. Still, every student like him has some other kids who are crazy about the cryptocurrency Dogecoin after seeing it advertised on TikTok.

This month, TikTok banned financial and investment advertising. This is a policy change hoping for the end of financial firms that impose suspicious investments and misleading advertising.

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