Hoarding a big pile of cash is not necessarily the best way to manage your retirement money. (Rawpixel pic)

You have just turned 55 and have saved up a significant nest egg for your retirement. Now what?

Common questions asked by retirees in Malaysia include how money should be invested, whether properties should be kept or sold, and whether a fixed deposit (FD) account is the way to go, among others.

Here are some pointers to help you better manage your retirement fund.

1. Don’t be too conservative

Assume you have RM1 million saved for retirement in the form of unit trust funds, stocks, properties and others. Should you liquidate everything and put it all in a FD account so you can live off the interest?

It would not be wise to hoard a big pile of cash and have a low-risk profile that limits your equity investment to only 10-20% of your portfolio.

While it is understandable that, having retired, you would want to…

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