Shares of Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) soared last week after a killer earnings report. Analysts were expecting year-over-year revenue growth of 33.5%. Instead, the social media giant blew past their expectations, reporting 48% revenue growth.

Facebook shares were up about 8% at the end of trading on Friday compared to one week earlier. Buying a single share of Facebook would now cost you around $325.

If that sounds out of your budget, do not fret. There’s a way to buy Facebook shares for penny stock prices.

Image source: Getty Images.

Facebook fractional shares vs. penny stocks 

In the past couple of years, fractional shares have become popular among investors who want to invest in pricey stocks without spending tons of money. The concept is pretty simple: Decide how much you want to invest, and you’ll get a corresponding fraction of a share. For example, if you opted to invest $100 in Facebook stock, you’d get…

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