Irrespective of the impact of factors such as Brexit on emigration, the number of Brits moving abroad over the past five years has remained stable, with the latest figures (year ending March 2020) from the ONS revealing over 400,00 people left the UK for life overseas, says Christopher Nye.

However, while creating a new life abroad, for work, family or retirement, many expats fall victim to sophisticated scammers who specifically target foreign residents.

In light of this, here are five scams expats should watch out for, including:
• Property
• Visa
• Pension
Money Transfer

Expatriates are a prime target for scammers. And no wonder, usually being wealthier than locals, out of their comfort zone and maybe with only have a shaky grasp of the language and local financial procedures. 

As anyone who’s ever moved abroad will know, to start out you’ll tend to take a few things on trust as you learn local customs and make friends.


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