The Climate Group is a nonprofit that helps companies commit to and follow through on environmental initiatives. When asked about how greenwashing impacts consumer trust, Vartan Badalian, the Climate Group’s EV100 program manager for North America, says it’s not good for anyone.

“It’s not helping the planet or any businesses. It puts more distrust out there for consumers and investors,” Badalian says.

Greenwashed investments, or investments not being what they claim, was the biggest concern for 44% of investors when it came to ESG investing, according to recent research from Quilter, a U.K.-based wealth management service. This was followed by worries about ESG investment fees and costs (42%) and ESG investment performance (38%).

And while ESG has its critics, it also has its champions who note that any level of commitment a company is willing to make toward sustainability is better than none.

How you can avoid greenwashing

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