Cryptocurrency crazes make it feel like we’re living in the era of funny money. Bitcoin continues to reach new highs; dogecoin has turned people into millionaires despite being intentionally designed to be worthless. Hell, a coin called CumRocket surged over 600% in a single day. Cryptocurrency skeptics would tell you that this is all a scam. Cryptocurrency evangelists — well, it turns out they would buy that, too.

Andre Lewis, better known online as Dre or Dreesus, decided a week ago that he wanted to make his own cryptocurrency. So, through a process that to an outsider feels like internet alchemy, Dre created Simple Cool Automatic Money, or SCAM for short. And while you may think that no one would be foolish enough to invest real money in something that is literally called SCAM, well … you know where this is going.

Mic reached out to Dre to hear the real story behind his fake coin. He says that creating a coin was his way of better understanding

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