Gen Z Investing and Cringy Crypto Advertisements

  • Facebook (NASDAQ:) and Google (NASDAQ:) banned crypto adverts on their digital platforms.
  • Millennials and Gen Z represent 94% of crypto buyers.
  • Influencers are considered more trustworthy than regular news outlets
  • Influencer marketing is a new way to attract attention and position a cryptocurrency project in front of its preferred audience.

Crypto popularity epochs have the same end goal, yet the means of achieving them are different. The global consensus has been to reach mass adoption. While crypto bans will not hinder exposure to a mainstream audience, other factors can cause blockchain to be stagnant in becoming part of our daily financial habits.

The price of a crypto asset is driven by speculation and is enriched, as Mark Cuban highlighted, by a “supply and demand” dynamic. There are over 10,000 crypto tokens on CoinMarketCap, with the official number much higher than what is listed. Thus,…

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