In its Annual Report and Accounts published on Thursday (15 July), for the year ending 31 March 2021, FCA chair Charles Randell took home a salary of £170,000.

FCA chief executive officer Nikhil Rathi earned £228,000 for that year but at the time of his appointment last year, he agreed an annual salary of £455,000. Executive director Christopher Woolard received £239,000 from March 2020 to March this year.

For their pensions, Rathi can expect £29,000 to head into his pension pot while Woolard will get £15,000.

Ex-FCA chief Andrew Bailey, who resigned from the regulator in March last year was awarded a performance bonus of £68,000.

Two-fifths (£27,000) of that was paid in March 2019 and the remaining was held in deferment and due to be paid in April last year. Bailey declined to receive the remaining deferred bonus of £40,800.

In 2017, Professional Adviser collated the salaries of all the top bosses within financial services. FCA bosses sat at…

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