Another day, another “Zimbabweans lose millions of USD in a Ponzi scheme” headline. This time the relatively new cryptocurrency scam struck to the tune of over USD$5 million.

What happened this time?

Martin Mhlanga (the schemer) is sitting pretty somewhere after promising his victims fantastic returns on their investments and then failing to deliver.

Mhlanga presented himself as a bitcoin guru who could navigate the cryptocurrency and stock exchanges so divinely he could double any amount in as little as a month in some cases.

He naturally incorporated a Crypto Share Investment Scheme and raised capital from desperate Zimbabweans and was supposed to set about making everyone rich. It didn’t quite work out that way. The money is gone and he needs more money to be able to get it back. That is probably another lie.

Martin of course is not the only such one-of-a-kind investment maestro out there. There are many other Crypto Share…

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