STRIVE to live relatively debt-free. Sharply define what is a need and what is a want. For most things, frugal gurus tell us to buy only when we have the cash for it. Don’t mortgage your future for a mere whim, particularly that which strokes your ego. Debt can have you in a stranglehold. Many have found this out a tad too late.

During these unusual almost post-pandemic days in some parts of the world, money is as tight as the shapewear ads we see on those voluptuous women trying to smooth out those wobbly bits of blubber. And because we are all predisposed to make money quick, (yup, that’s the greed motivation written in our DNA), there will be creative cons and persuasive scams proliferating among all classes of society preying on the masses.

Steer clear of scams from high places, slick talkers or even regular looking, doe-eyed Joes with a business card listing non-existent companies they purportedly own.


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