One of the photos the man used to trick her. Photo / 123RF and screenshot / Supplied

A Christchurch International student has been scammed out of more than $30,000 after a man tricked her into believing they were dating and encouraged her to hand over cash for him to “invest” in cryptocurrency.

The woman, 28-year-old Christine, thought she had found her match when a handsome man began speaking to her on Facebook in February this year.

Christine said he also claimed to be Chinese, and told her he was a busy, hard-working finance worker that didn’t have time for a “real” girlfriend and was scared he’d end up alone.

Throughout their exchanges, she said the man would pretend that she was the only girl he was speaking to and that he cared about her.

“So I think, it’s a good thing. Here’s someone, a companion with me, because I am alone studying in New Zealand, I sometimes I feel lonely.”

Over their few months together, the man would ask how her days were, said he…

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