An author was horrified to find out she spent nearly £500,000 worth of Bitcoin buying drugs on the dark web.

Bitcoin continues to fluctuate in price as the volatile cryptocurrency last week plunged to just 50% of its record high – hitting lows of just £21,000.

Ms Tolentino, 32, a staff writer for New Yorker and a published author, revealed her own Bitcoin horror story when appearing on the Reply All tech podcast in 2018.

She contacted the show as she remembered buying around £50 ($80) worth of Bitcoin in 2012 while exploring the Dark Web – but wasn’t sure what had happened to her stash after changing laptops

Today – the 17.5 coins she purchased at the time are now worth £456,253.

Thinking she could be sitting on a small fortune, the Super Tech Support team on the show put their heads together to try and track down her missing riches, which was worth around £200,000 at the time.

However, what…

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