Ransomware has recently become the star of horrifying headlines — and for good reason. First, a cybercriminal group hijacked a server in the Colonial Pipeline and urged fuel suppliers to shut down 5,500 miles of service. Here’s how this online attack crippled gasoline delivery on the East Coast..

This attack was like throwing a rock into the sea. The water swelled outwards, causing waves in countless sectors. Shortly after this, ransomware attacked JBS USA. The price of meat goes up.. Next, the FBI and the Department of Justice tracked Bitcoin payments to cybercriminals in the Colonial Pipeline on June 7.

Cryptographic investors scrambled in the aftermath and worried about how this would affect future investments.Imagine the damage if a ransomware attack can cause turmoil in a huge and powerful industry. You are.. Unfortunately, one horrifying new scam tries to wiggle into your life — and take you from the inside out. Microsoft cybersecurity

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