In the aftermath of the GameStop stock saga, many would-be investors have turned to mobile stock trading apps to capitalize on market investments. According to MarketWatch, a Dow Jones & Co. investment resource that tracks marketplace trends, February downloads of mobile trading apps such as Robinhood, E*Trade and Webull reached an all-time high, with expectations of continued growth.

While trading apps have made accessing and investing in the stock market easier than ever, participation always carries the potential for financial loss or gain. Before you invest with a stock trading app, be sure to follow these tips from your Better Business Bureau:

Educate yourself

The best way to succeed at mobile stock trading is to do your homework before you begin. Familiarize yourself with concepts like expense ratios, trading commissions, asset allocations, individual stocks, exchange-traded funds and more.

Choose reputable app

The trading app you choose is more than…

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