The emergence of the digital age and prevalence of the internet has brought with it an influx of online scams which many of us are all too familiar with.

Scams occur in various forms such as phishing emails, social media platforms and mobile phone SMS and can involve credit card theft, stolen login credentials and identity theft.

The latter is one of the most common and is where someone tries deceptively to extract sensitive information and money from you. Undoubtedly, online scammers will always be around in situations like these where there is money to be made.

One thing that is clear is that it is a concerning situation that requires users to be vigilant at all times in order to ensure you are dealing with a legitimate entity.

B2Broker is a high-profile company in the Fintech sector and often comes in contact with those conducting fraudulent activities in its dealings both with the public at large and its clients.

Activities like these bring with them…

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