Alleged South Korea’s $3.6B Crypto Ponzi’s Still Fooling People

  • A South Korean Ponzi scheme is still milking unsuspecting investors as they continue to have faith in the scheme.
  • The victims are slowing down the progress of police investigations of the investment platform amid hopes that they will be able to triple their investments.
  • V Global is under investigation for allegedly defrauding investors to the tune of a whopping $3.6 billion.
  • Despite law enforcement agents freezing the assets of the company, agents of the firm have brazenly informed investors that the company is not under investigation.

A South Korean investment firm is about to hit all the major headlines after it has come under investigation for being a huge Ponzi scheme. If the firm is found guilty of the charges, it could possibly be the largest crypto Ponzi scheme in the world, as investigators say that victims have been swindled to the tune of a staggering $3.6…

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