While hundreds of thousands of investors were scrambling to find out what happened to funds they had invested in failed crypto scam Mirror Trading International (MTI), a far bigger crypto disappearing act was playing out without hardly anyone paying attention.

Africrypt, which reportedly counts several high profile South Africans and celebrities among its investors, was hacked on or about April 13.

A staggering $3.6 billion (roughly R54 billion) was swiped out of multiple wallets controlled by directors of the company in a matter of hours.

This is according to an analysis, conducted by Hanekom Attorneys, of blockchain transactions involving wallets controlled by Africrypt.

The ‘hack’ is deemed extremely suspicious by investigators, not least because the two founders of Africrypt – Raees and Ameer Cajee – disappeared to the UK within days of this happening.

Though the investigation is still ongoing with multiple regulatory authorities now…

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