When it comes to solid financial planning, the truth remains that you’ll reap huge benefits by doing a few key things correctly. You don’t need to be a perfectionist or a fortune teller, but you do need to take some basic actions as soon as possible to put yourself on the right long-term track.

4 Moves to Ensure You're a Retirement MultiMillionaire

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4 Moves to Ensure You’re a Retirement MultiMillionaire

Here we’ll explore some of these actions that anyone can do — or at least begin to do — today. 


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1. Become tax aware

Nobody is asking you to sit down with the latest unedited version of tax regulations, but you should know a few foundational tax concepts that will make your investing life a lot easier. 

First, be aware that short-term trading (defined as entering and exiting positions within the span of a year) will cause any gains to be taxed at your ordinary income rate, which is typically your highest rate. Stocks and other…

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