• Seth Godwin is now a full-time TikTok creator after gaining 400,000+ followers during the pandemic.
  • Godwin educates his viewers about personal finance, investing, cryptocurrencies, and much more.
  • The 27-year-old gave Insider tips to help young investors build wealth and avoid financial pitfalls.

27-year-old Seth Godwin was working from home during the pandemic, doing the normal nine-to-five for a credit union when he became frustrated with the lack of customer knowledge about basic financial topics.

The Florida native, like many of us, had some extra time on his hands due to the lockdowns, so he decided to start a TikTok to help educate the public about credit, personal finance, investing, and more. Just four videos in, his channel blew up.

“It literally changed my life almost overnight,” Godwin…

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