There has been a 25% increase in people looking for help for family and friends who have fallen victim to online scams over the past year, according to research.

The findings, based on the period April 2020 to April 2021, were made for Lloyds Bank and were based on analysis of online searches.

The figures, collected for Lloyds by researchers SEMrush, suggest there has been a particular spike in people trying to find out how to report scam calls during the coronavirus pandemic.

Scams can be reported to Action Fraud and if someone thinks they may have transferred money to a scammer they should tell their bank immediately.

Lloyds Bank’s own figures also suggest there has been an increase in attempted payment scams relating to online shopping, as well as impersonation scams by fraudsters cold calling people at home during the pandemic.

Lloyds has also seen a jump in investment scam attempts.

Philip Robinson, retail fraud prevention director at Lloyds Bank,…

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