Crypto mania is far from over. According to a recent survey, the number of Americans buying crypto will nearly double within a year.

There may be a much larger and more diverse group of Americans who own crypto by this time next year. That’s based on a survey conducted by Gemini exchange, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges available in the United States.

For its 2021 State of U.S. Crypto Report, Gemini surveyed U.S. consumers to gauge their interest in crypto and their crypto buying habits. Here’s all the notable data, including how many Americans are crypto owners or crypto curious, as well as the demographics of each group.

How many Americans buy crypto?

Gemini asked respondents if they were interested in or currently owned crypto. Here were the results:

  • 14% were current crypto owners
  • 63% were crypto curious, meaning they either want to learn more about crypto or are planning to buy soon
  • 23% were disinterested in crypto

Based on that, Gemini…

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