As cybercrime rises, so do the scams and travel is not immune. In fact, with so much pent-up demand in the industry, prices are rising and so are the number of people who are spoofing websites in order to lure in the vulnerable.

Has anyone offered you free or nearly free trips recently? Rock-bottom deals in a market that is oversaturated with rising prices are tempting but most likely not legit.


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Phone calls, emails and postcards with enticing travel offers look tempting, but a deal that’s way under the value of a trip—like five nights in a hotel plus airfare to Maui for $200—means it’s probably a scam,” said Amy Nofziger, AARP anti-fraud expert.

Nofziger said the best way to avoid falling victim to these deals is to walk away if it seems to good to be true. She also…

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