Scam Alerts

BOISE, Idaho (KIFI) – Attorney General Lawrence Wasden is warning Idahoans to avoid buying pets over the internet.

Over the past year, his Consumer Protection Division has experienced an increase in complaints about scam websites that advertise puppies and kittens, particularly popular and hard-to-find breeds.

Consumers report paying thousands of dollars to fraudulent sellers via payment apps such as Venmo or Zelle for what turn out to be nonexistent pets. These scammers often reside outside the United States, making them virtually impossible to locate. Once consumers send their money, it’s all but impossible to recover.

The following tips can help consumers avoid pet scams:

  • Avoid shopping for pets on the internet. Find a local, experienced breeder who can help educate you about the breed you want to adopt.
  • Never purchase a pet sight-unseen. Visit the breeder at…

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