Royal Mail customers have issued a fresh warning over scams attempting to steal your personal details. 

Customers have taken to social media to share examples of scammers using highly “sophisticated tactics” to defraud the public.

The scam involves recipients receiving either a text message or an email that appears to be from Royal Mail.

The message states that there was an attempt to deliver a parcel made, and you are instructed to click a link in order to reschedule the delivery.

‘Highly convincing’

The text message in question says: “Royal Mail: Your package has been held and will not be delivered due to a £1.99 unpaid shipping fee.”

Another similar version of this text also reads: “Royal Mail: Please pay your dispatch fee immediately at or your letter will be returned to sender.”

Both versions provide a link for the recipient to click in order to pay their fee, which is a scam designed to lure…

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