Scammers sometimes use targeted emails to draw you into a malicious website, called phishing. This is just one way they target you.

By leaving voice messages on your mobile phone, scammers will also try to trick you into sending them your personal information. This type of scam is called vishing, and it has become more widespread in recent months.

But several new occurrences of these scams are taking a different approach. Cybercriminals are now so confident in their ability that they get you to call them. This is how it works and what to do to stay safe.

Here’s the backstory

The latest scam aims to play on your fear of a large purchase showing up on your credit card. Ranging from expensive headphones to Apple products, the scammer sends you an email about a supposed order you placed.

Criminals behind these schemes have been careful not to include any attachments or links. So, at first glance, the email might seem legitimate. But the sneaky part of…

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