It is a sad reality that scams are a part of our everyday life. With so many to watch out for, it can become confusing to track the latest tricks or fraud attempts. Unfortunately, there is one group being targeted more than others: the elderly.

Between scammers showing up at seniors’ doors and a recent scam targeting grandparents’ coronavirus fears, it seems that criminals will stop at nothing to fleece them of their money.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) compiles an annual list of the top scams targeting the elderly, and the latest report has been released. Shockingly, the number one scam against senior citizens preys on their loneliness. Keep reading for all the ruthless details.

1. Romance scams

We have covered romance scams on numerous occasions, and there is a good reason for that. Also called “sweetheart swindles,” the scams target divorced or widowed people. The BBB warns that these scams can take months to develop.

It usually starts…

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